CRR 2018 Sponsorship Tier Tres

CRR 2018 Sponsorship Tier Tres


1) Tier Tres Sponsorship: 

  >"The Lead Foot" - Entitles the winner to one free attorney fee when booked through OTR. (Valid for winner or anyone they give it to) 

  > CRR 2018//OTR Magnet - Thinking we could have one of the guys design a DWA/CRR magnet with an OTR discount on it. Good publicity for both of us if it stays on someones fridge :) 

2) 6 Sponsored IG Posts

3) 4 podcast ad rolls (1x Week x 4 Weeks) 

4) Announce sponsorship on IG any day between February 9th and February 22nd, with your copy and call to action. 

5) Tag @offtherecordapp in captions (as opposed to on the image, which gives you less exposure) for all #CRR2018 posts


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