DWA! Project Car / 1985 Porsche 944

It's back!

Although some of you loved the mismatched ratty look of my 944 after hitting a deer, I couldn't stand it. The car is now wearing a brand new layer of single stage Guards Red paint.


one major downside of a fresh re-spray is that now everything else looks like crap in comparison. The cracked window seals, faded black b-pillars and pitted windshield all stand out like a sore thumb. This car is never going to be a show car, and I welcome rock chips with open arms, but these little issues will need to be addressed.


The new factory Porsche script under the taillights will go on as soon as the paint has cured, along with the 'DWA!' Fender graphic. I have also purchased new quarter window seals, and already installed a new driver's side door seal.

As with any project car, there are always things to refresh, fix or modify...but that's what makes them fun. 


Enjoy the pics and look for my car at our inaugural 'Radwood' car show at the Brisbane Marina near San Francisco on June 3rd 2017. (Go to radwood.org to find out more)