Nine FOURteens

My dad went to get turbo wheels for his 1988 Volvo 240 wagon and we ended up with four Porsche 914s.

Along with about 25 Volvos, a couple Miatas, Lotus's and RX-7s, there were 6 914s and the owner was willing to sell 4 of them. "How much for the blue '74 and the black '72?" my brother asked. "$2,000 for one, $2,000 for two, $2,000 for three and $2,000 for four" the old man replied. 

Two weeks later and I have 4 914s in my driveway. A blue wide body, slant nose '72 set up for a Chevy V8, a yellow slant nose '71,  a '72 black car with a salvage title and a '74 blue 2.0 that was originally orange.


we sold the blue "V8" car right away for $1,000 and the yellow and black cars are currently for sale. My brother is going to do a little work to the 2.0 and maybe sell it if he doesn't fall in love with it.