DWA Project Car / 1970 Porsche 914

I just realized that I never did another update on this car...here it is. 

I decided early on that we weren't going to keep this car, but it needed some work in order to sell it for anything close to what I paid for it.

The hole in the floor was bad and the driver's seat was almost touching the ground. We bought a mig welder, welded a patch and new braces in the floor, the installed the seat.  


Next up, we needed to get rid of some of the yellow. We took the bumpers off and painted them black, made grills to fill the foglight/horn grilles. After that we installed a few missing pieces and put the car up on EBAY. 

The car sold for $5,300 to a non responsive buyer, so we delisted it and ended up selling it for $5,750. That's a loss of $250 without counting the cost of materials and all the labor that we put into the car.

Despite the loss, I was really happy with the sale.