The Search / You sold it and now it is time to get it back

The Search / You sold it and now it is time to get it back

- This is a guest post from Phil the creator of BRZO, the craigslist multi-search iPhone app for cars & trucks. You can learn more about BRZO at

- Also if you have questions about BRZO or this post, Phil is attending the DWA! Coastal Range Rally and if you are going you can ask him in person.

The Search: You sold it and now it is time to get it back

Most car enthusiasts at one point or another buy, “their car”. At the time of purchase they may not know that it is, “their” car but typically due to circumstances they end up having to sell “their car” to someone else. Ultimately they end up regretting it. Sadly many people do not have the space/time/resources/sanity available to keep it in their possession like Eric Bana or Jay Leno.  Though I think all of us wish we could keep onto all our cars and not get rid of a single one.

Years later and in a better financial situation, the enthusiast has always had “their car” in the back of their mind. Now it is time to track it down and get, “their car” back. Most people start with eBay, forums and trying to get back in touch with the guy they sold it to. This is a very time consuming process and sometimes it works but most of the time not.

Another way to search for their exact car is to dig up the VIN and create a Google Alert so that if it pops up anywhere on the internet they can get notified of it’s availability. 

Here’s how to do it.

1. Browse over to

2. Dig up the VIN from the vehicle and input it into the search criteria field.

3. Configure the search and save it.

That’s it. Now when the car comes up for sale anywhere on the internet, Google will send an immediate notification of where it is for sale. 

This is a great utility for finding exact vehicles for sale worldwide. Now the “rightful” owner can sit back and wait. When the car eventually comes up for sale, the “rightful” owner should be careful not overpay for the vehicle. That’s where BRZO can help out. 

Using BRZO the owner can search all locations on craigslist to get the range of asking prices and follow the market for “their car”. They can then specifying the make, model, year, mileage and more the owner can narrow down the asking prices to their exact configuration.

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