DWA! Project Car / 1985 Porsche 944 / I Hate Cars

I have had a really bad run over the past three months. I hit a deer in my 944, then it needed a head gasket a couple weeks later, my Acura's water pump destroyed it'self     resulting in a blown head gasket, and today on my drive home the 944 overheated and I think it did some major damage.

Last weekend I pulled apart the instrument cluster to fix my speedometer, to find that it was a bad speedo cable. I ordered the cable and didn't bother putting everything back together, because I thought I would have the Acura back from the shop before the next time I had to drive to work...wrong. The acura was delayed and I had to drive the 944 into work this morning. I didn't have any gauges, but that should be alright for one day, right?...wrong. The car drove great today, and I was really enjoying rowing it through the gears when all the sudden I started hearing a noise coming from the engine compartment. I pulled over immediately and heard noise coming from the top of the engine and water was spraying out of the overflow tank, so I shut it off right away. 


The car had obviously overheated and I probably destroyed my new head gasket and who knows what else. While waiting for the tow truck I plugged my gauges back in and the temperature gauge was pinned...FUCK! 

After this incident I really need to re-think my fleet of cars. I need a brand new car with a warranty for my 140 mile daily commute because I shouldn't have to rely on my 31 year old Porsche on a daily basis. 

I'm crossing my fingers that the damage to the Porsche isn't catastrophic and the Acura is getting a new for sale sign the second I get it back from the shop.