The "Grand Bore"

I have to begin by saying that I had grown tired of 'Top Gear' a couple years before it all came crashing down. I felt like they had taken all of the "car guy" aspects out of the show and turned it into a "reality show".

I anticipated the reunion of Clarkson, Hammond, and May in their new Amazon show "The Grand Tour"  thinking that a fresh start would do alot of good and really revive the guys.

The first show had it's highlights, like the hypercar cmparison between the Porsche 918, Ferrari La Ferrari, and McLaren P1, although Chris Harris did the same thing, but better about a year ago.  

Every episode of the 'Grand Tour' will have the studio portions filmed in a different location around the world, hence the name. This sounds pretty interesting, right? The problem it that they haven't done much involving the locations. The first episode was in California, but not one of the films in the show were filmed in California, let alone The United States.  

I found myself a little bored during the first episode, but it got a pass because they had to lay the groundwork for the series. 

The second episode 'Operation Desert Stumble' was released 11 days ago and it took me that long and four sessions to almost finish it. This one took all worst parts of the old 'Top Gear' and the first episode of 'The Grand Tour' and threw away all of the good stuff...the cars. After Clarkson tested the Aston Martin Vulcan (another car that Chris Harris tested months ago), the show was nearly un-watchable. There was the ten minute studio scene where they talked about dated car news and an exploding bike lock. These studio scenes fall flat, and I found myself focusing in in the audience who all looked like they would rather be sleeping. After that was 'Operation Desert Stumble'. This film featured bad writing, over acting and an anal rape scence. After twelve minutes of this nonsense they drove an Audi for 30 Seconds, then it was back to studio. At this point I think I zoned out and checked my emails on my phone watching but not really watching the rest of the show. 

I understand that I am in the minority, and that most people love these three guys and they can fo no wrong. Afterall, 'Two and a Half Men' was a huge hit and 'The Backstreet Boys' sold millions of albums.