Collector Cars For Under $7500

Collector Cars For Under $7500

  By Warren Madsen

  On a recent podcast, Lane, Bryan and I sat down to discuss the best collector cars for under $7500. Why not $10k? Because that's too easy (and we rarely find ourselves with that amount of dispensable income). Why not under $5k? Well, the pool gets smaller at that point and the jump in quality for just a few thousand more is notable.   

  Now keep in mind, we're in Northern California where rust is kind, cars are plentiful and as children of the '80's, our tastes might be slightly skewed toward imports. This list isn't what would be the most fun or easiest to live with, just cars we think have a chance to appreciate and posses a certain cool factor. 

  With these facts in mind, here's what we came up with in no particular order.  Disagree? Have something to add? Let us know in the comments section below. 


Mercedes Benz 190E Cosworth

Porsche 944 Turbo

Pre-1967 Volkswagen Beetle

1985 Toyota Pick-up/Hilux SR5

1973-74 Porsche 914



BMW E36 M3

Mercedes Benz W114

Mercedes Benz R107 SL

Squarebody GM Trucks, '73-'87

Volkswagen Vanagon



Volkswagen GTI (MK1)

Volvo 122

BMW E21 320is

Toyota Celica/Supra

Mercedes Benz R129 300SL


DWA Top 5-


Volvo 122

BMW 320is 

Porsche 944 Turbo

Porsche 914